Lacey Savage

Front End Web Developer

About Me

Lacey is smiling staring at the camera. She is wearing a black cowl neck sweater. Her purple hair is pulled half back.

Hi, I'm Lacey!

I'm a Front End Developer based in Toronto. I have a life long passion for languages and puzzles. While at the University of Toronto studying Linguistics and Classical Civilizations, I first encountered computer languages. Being able to approach tasks in web development from different angles allowed me to apply qualitative and quantitative skills I acquired from both of my degree majors and my previous work in data entry and analysis. To me, coding feels like a puzzle waiting to be solved or a language to be decoded. Leadership skills I acquired while working as a manager at McDonald's for 9 years combined with my time as a mentor for the TDSB help me to identify the strengths of my colleagues and when to ask for help.

When I'm not trying to grow my coding skills, I love to read, play video games, travel, learn new languages, and hang out with my cat.

I look forward to continuing to grow and develop new web development skills!


Currently learning Gatsby

  • HTML5

  • CSS3

  • SCSS

  • JavaScript

  • jQuery

  • GitHub

  • React

  • Accessibility

  • Logo for firebase.


  • A monitor displaying a tablet and mobile layout on the screen.

    Responsive Design


A screenshot of the Who Told It Better website. It has the title on a burgundy background with a continue button underneath the title.

Who Told It Better?

Who Told It Better was created in collaboration with Gabriela Parada, Gavin Sutton, and Frank Hoedl. It utilizes the MovieDB API and the Goodreads API to compare movie and their book counterparts based on ratings and reviews.

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A screenshot of the ReelMeals website. It shows the title of the site and a drop down menu with a covered plate held up by a white gloved hand on either side of the menu.


ReelMeals was created in collaboration with Kajanth Kumar. It is a fully responsive site using javascript and accessing the MovieDB API. It allows users to input a genre of film they feel like watching and provides a movie recommendation from that genre along with a food pairing.

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A screenshot of the Adventure Mode Activated website. It shows a paragraph of the story with two button options on a dark green background. Below is a picture of a river in the forest.

Adventure Mode Activated

Adventure Mode Activated is a choose your own adventure style site.

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A screenshot of the delicious restaurant website. It shows a portion of the menu, a restaurant mention, and the beginning of a grid of food images.

Delicious Restaurant

Delicious Restaurant is multi-page PSD conversion made for a made up company. It is a fully responsive site created using a mobile first approach.

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